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Introduction to Freemasonry

External YouTube video explaining

Masonry as well as both the

challenges and rewards of being

a member of a masonic lodge such

as The Lodge of St. George.

Rick Wakeman on being

a Freemason

External YouTube video interviewing Rick Wakeman.

Composer, songwriter and famed rock legend reveals his lodge and thoughts on being a freemason today.

Part 2 can be found on

the video to the right.

Rick Wakeman on being

a Freemason

Part 2 to this Rick Wakeman interview.

Introduction to Sussex Masonry

External YouTube video on Freemasonry in the Sussex area, and how to become a member and serve your community

Our First Year

A highlights video of the Masonic Charitable Foundation’s first year in providing charitable aid to various causes since its launch in April 2016.